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I have taught about 30 different topics to students since studying law and legal practice. I worked a while as a solicitor but found that I much prefer to work in academia, research the law, and teach it. I am currently tutoring individuals, groups, and taught in 6 universities around Australia including:

  • UniSA as Coordinator for an Aboriginal Cultures topic;

  • Lecturer for Aboriginal students one-on-one in both law and health topics;

  • Lecturer for Aboriginal voices in film and literature;

  • Flinders Medical College for post-graduate medical students in law, ethics and Aboriginal cultural safety;

  • Nursing and Midwifery College for law and Aboriginal health topics;

  • Flinders Law College and UniSA, tutoring for many legal topics over the years.

It is often difficult to interpret the case law and legislation because it takes time, dedication and familiarity to be successful at it. We can spend time discussing the cases and examine Judges' decisions and reasoning. We can also look to the legislation and focus on how to best apply the legislative interpretation rules. Together, with time and in a relaxed environment, you will be able to develop your own style and confidence

– Fiona Clarke


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