How To Purchase Videos On Our Website

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Step 1: From the home page or any page on our website, at the top of the page is a navigation bar. Our videos are under the “Law Videos” Tab.

Single left click on “Law videos” tab. A drop down will appear, single left click on “Barrister videos”

Screenshot_2019-05-22 FionaClarke247 Law.png
Screenshot_2019-05-22 FionaClarke247 Law(1).png

Step 2: when you click on barrister videos, you will be taken to a page on Heather stokes. On the left is a navigation list to where you can see the other pages of the other barristers. For this how to, i will be using Heathers page as the example.

Scroll down until you see a video, the video will be titled as well as have a caption below the video to say what the video is about.

Screenshot_2019-05-22 Heather Stokes — FionaClarke247 Law.png
Screenshot_2019-05-22 Heather Stokes — FionaClarke247 Law(3).png
Screenshot_2019-05-22 Heather Stokes — FionaClarke247 Law(1).png

Step 3: When you find a video you would like to purchase, looking at the image above, in the top right of the video will be a “Buy all $$$”

Single left click on the “buy all $$$” a new window will appear.

Screenshot_2019-05-22 Heather Stokes — FionaClarke247 Law(2).png

Step 4: A new widow will apear, to purchase & view the videos, you will need a vimeo account.

to create a vime account, enter in some details into the new window and single click “Join with email” or You can join with facebook or google for easier account creation.

for this how to, we will be doing “join with email”

Screenshot_2019-05-22 Purchase via Vimeo.png

Step 5: Once you have clicked join with email, it will take you to another screen. here is where you enter your payment details or you can use Paypal.

if you are a supporter on patreon, you will have been sent a special discount code for you only in a message on your patreon account.

if you need help finding that code, you can contact us using the form at the bottom of this how to page or go to the “Patreon help” page using the navigation at the top, on the left of the title of this page.

Enter in your payment details. Make sure to select Australia.

To apply your special discount code, single left click on the “Apply promo code” Enter in the code you have been given and click the “Apply Button”

It will then update the price.

When you have done all the above, single left click the button at the bottom “Buy A$$$”

Screenshot_2019-05-22 Purchase via Vimeo(1).png
Screenshot_2019-05-22 Purchase via Vimeo(2).png
Screenshot_2019-05-22 Purchase via Vimeo(4).png
Screenshot_2019-05-22 Purchase via Vimeo(5).png

Step 6: After you have clicked the buy button, you will be shown a thank you for purchasing page. You can now view the video at any time.

To watch the video, single left click the “Watch Now” button. Doing so will take you to the videos page in a new tab in your web browser.

Screenshot_2019-05-22 Watch Now on Vimeo.png
Screenshot_2019-05-22 Watch Barrister Heather Stokes w First Year Law Student How To Approach The Court Regarding Bail Subm[...].png

If you get stuck or need further assistance, you can fill out this form below and one of our tech support staff will get back to you asap.

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