to be able to up-skill students and bridge the gap between what the university can offer in terms of support and the skills needed by the student to perform well in assignments and exams.

To build confidence and originality


to provide a platform that enables students to build skill in a safe environment in order to reach their educational goals

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.
— Potter Stewart

support material

  • tutoring in person or online

  • Chat server for discussion of topics

  • Patreon page for access to ongoing video tutor support

  • video support for individual purchase

    • barristers

    • tutors

    • lecturers

    • student discussion

    • specialised areas


  • analytical and critical thinking skills

  • confidence to write

  • know how and when: application of your own ideas into your work

  • skills to determine assignment requirements

  • structural knowledge: essays, reports, memos, problem solving

  • research skills - data base skills

  • and more