What are our goals?

What is our mission?

Our Goals:

Like many services, our goals include being more outreached and available to those that want an extra bit of support though their educational careers.

We want to be right there when a student needs help in their topics and work one on one with them in achieving what they want out of their education.

Our Mission:

Is to provide legal tutoring through 1 on 1 consultations in person and through online means to students and those seeking help, advice or insight into legal Topics.

As well, we want to provide real life educational videos with barristers and solicitors to help students study topics that may be difficult and give them understanding through real questions & Answers. All recorded for playback and study.

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.
— Potter Stewart

What We've Achieved

  • Creating a website where students can come to gain legal tutoring in person or online

  • Create a Chat server for students to talk and discuss their education in legal topics.

  • Create a Patreon page, for support into our services. With benefits for those that support us.

  • Have a service for students to make educational videos with barristers and solicitors to get real life interaction and knowledge from real practitioner of the legal sector.

Available services:

  • Private one-to-one bookings

  • Discounts apply to small group bookings

  • Location: Virtual (phone, or FaceTime with Google Docs) or In-person (Steadfast Centre Office)

  • Prices: Rates are per hour, pay 1 hour after session (upfront with Morgan). OR ‘pay upfront’ 2 hour and 3 hour options are available (stripe secure credit card - see cancellation policy)

  • Payment Options: pay upfront via Skype secure payment, otherwise: Bank Transfer, Stripe, Square, EFTPOS/ Credit Card facilities available in Office. Pay on the day policy.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Gain confidence to write essays and reports

  • Bring your own fresh new insights into your work

  • develop skills to determine what is being required for the assignment

  • Understand your topic better

  • Learn how essays and reports need to be structured

  • Be pointed in the right direction for good resources